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Editor'S Choice - 2020

MQL4: Writing an Advisor for Trading Binary Options

Dear Sirs, Forex Traders, Friends, Colleagues, I welcome you! We continue a series of lessons on MQL programming.

Today we will have a very unusual topic - “How to write an adviser for trading binary options.»Binary options is an interesting tool, but one of its minuses is poorly developed trading platforms. At the moment, only Grand Capital company provides the opportunity to fully trade from Metatrader 4 options, and this gives us the opportunity to write a robot for trading BOs. How to do it? Consider the steps in our lesson.

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So friends, this adviser can only trade options of one type - CALL and PUT. The homework will be to teach the robot how to work with orders like BUY STOP / SELL STOP and BUY LIMIT / SELL LIMIT. If you succeed, then add the ability to trade orders with the TAKE PROFIT setting, because the risk premium is much higher, and therefore the pocket is more complete 🙂

Watch the video: How To Create EA For Binary Options (February 2020).

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