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Editor'S Choice - 2020

My impressions of the USA, Wall Street and Americans

Hello, friends! Every few months I try to go somewhere. This helps keep the brain in good shape. I’m too lazy to write about ordinary countries like Europe, and given the ease of obtaining a Schengen visa, there were many in them.

Today I will talk about the last trip that was in the USA. For me, for a very long time, America was something unattainable. I don’t know why, but I had a strong belief that they wouldn’t let anyone in, but they would definitely let me in.)

Once in the United States, you begin to understand this whole culture much more, because we are brought up on American films, brands, technologies. I also visited the famous Wall Street, the center of world evil, visited several states. I will share my impressions with you about getting a visa, people, prices and living in the “decaying west”.


There are a lot of rumors and speculations about the American visa. It is considered difficult to obtain. Its presence then slightly facilitates obtaining visas from other countries (the consulate sees that the Americans have checked you, then everything is OK).

Is the devil so terrible as he is painted? Not really.

Firstly, no tickets and hotels need to be booked in advance. And God forbid you bring these same reservations to the visa center - they will consider it an excessive desire to get into the USA and will not give a visa.

First you need to fill out a questionnaire where, in addition to standard information, you will answer a couple of dozen stupid questions a la “Do you transport human organs?”, “Do you belong to a terrorist group?”, “Have you ever forced a woman to have an abortion against her will? ”And in the same vein). Then pay the consular fee (now 12000 r), all online. And only then sign up for an interview.

No papers, certificates of employment, bank account is needed. The most important thing is a conversation with an officer at the US Consulate. The officers are Americans. It depends on whether you and your answers to questions depend on whether you get a visa or not. And no English - otherwise there will be more questions and you are unlikely to get a visa. The purpose of the officers is to prevent those who want to stay and work from entering the country. But they are glad to stupid tourists with thick wallets) Personally, this article helped me in obtaining a visa. I did not resort to the services of "helpers."

Technically, there are no difficulties to get a US visa. For me, the most difficult at the time was a visa to the UK. Getting an American is much easier.

Mentality people

Upon arrival in New York, a long and total control awaited us. I don’t know, I was lucky, or always so, but I had to spend 3 hours at the passport control. Passport control officers had long conversations with almost everyone who arrived, longer than in other countries. They tried to catch me and the girl: at first they asked: “How many days have you arrived?”, I say “at 21”. After some time, after other questions, he asks again: “Do you speak for 9 days?” These are so tricky)

In general, security issues are receiving great attention everywhere. A lot of "frames", cameras, checks of things, etc. At first annoying, then you get used to it.

But the people themselves are very open and friendly. You get used to greetings in the spirit for a very long time: “Che, how?”, “Hello, buddy”, “Healthy, man”, etc. Later you understand that this is such a form of politeness, but still there is a feeling of openness and tension. In general, that same freedom is felt everywhere, even if it is illusory.

From a language point of view, I personally understand American English at times easier. Europeans, and especially the British, I understand worse. The British (not all), as if swallowing the beginning and end of words. Already a headache then). But American English is clear and understandable. Beauty in one word.

Despite the sanctions, Russians are normal. In expensive stores, it’s all so excellent: they are nourished by our oligarchs / officials and other Russians who are not averse to buying up a half-store on Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive.


Of course, everything is expensive. But this is primarily due to the ruble to dollar exchange rate.

However, it strains another. Namely, taxes. Everywhere prices, even for products, are shown without taxes. Those. if you see a price of $ 100, at the checkout you will pay $ 110. Those. + 5-10% of the cost (in different states in different ways). And for hotels additional taxes are levied. If you booked a room and at a booking you have a price for accommodation of 100 tr, then be prepared to actually pay 115-120 thousand.

For those who like to shop, and then return part of the cost - no dues. Even at the airport (with the exception of small duty free, where there is nothing but perfume and cosmetics).

It is worth noting the widespread tip. Everyone is waiting for them: taxi drivers, masters in the spa, waiters, concierges, guides, etc. Moreover, the tip size is supposed to be larger than in the whole world.

What pleased us was the ability to pay with a card 99% of goods and services. Cards of Russian banks do not work and are accepted everywhere. Depends on your bank and on the American bank, acquiring in a particular store. If they are not in sanctions, then the transaction will pass.


If you think that Americans eat exclusively burgers with french fries, then you are mistaken. Of course, there are a lot of burgers everywhere (as in Moscow, by the way), but if you wish, you can find any food, any cuisine in the world. Many restaurants with good, tasty food. And not necessarily expensive

It is impossible not to say about McDonald's. There are not as many as I thought. The locals believe that homeless and black people eat in McDuck. Burger King and KFC are not listed at all ... Something like this)

Donuts, which, according to the films, the police love so much, are also not very common. We should also mention the Vodoo Donut network, which is really delicious there. It has a cult status. When you walk along the street with a box of donuts there, afterwards you will hear cheers, screams and requests to share. I'm serious)) And they also have a delicious donut with bacon.

Bacon. Mmm ... For a long time I did not understand the numerous memes about the love of Americans for bacon. I tried this product in different countries, in decent, sort of like places, at breakfasts in expensive hotels. And ... didn’t understand what was so delicious there? The secret was simple - there is NO such bacon as in the USA, in other countries. Real American bacon, crispy, not too fat, very tasty. Therefore, they love him so much.

New York

The USA is a big and very different country. Different states are not alike, like EU countries.

New York greets you with low houses. To see the skyscrapers, you must first get from the airport to the city.

As for skyscrapers - there are hundreds in the center, and they are concentrated not everywhere on one street, but everywhere.

Times Square shines with lights all night long.

In general, New York is a huge metropolis where a huge number of nationalities live: there is a huge Chinatown, the Russian Quarter, and little Italy.

It is interesting to see places from your favorite films and TV shows: about 400 films are made here annually.

The same bull

Charging Bull, it’s a charging, attacking bull, is actually located not on Wall Street, as everyone thinks, but a little before it.
If you want to take a picture with him - be prepared to break through the crowd of Indians and Chinese.

The brief history of its creation is such that after the crash of the stock market in 1987, the sculptor Arturo Di Modica spent 360,000 dollars to cast and establish the sculpture as a symbol of "the strength and power of the American people." The creation of the statue was the initiative of the sculptor himself, and not the order of the city. It was an act of street art.

Initially, the statue was installed in front of the stock exchange, but stood there for only 1 day. The police confiscated the sculpture installed without permission from the authorities and removed it from the street.

Thanks to subsequent public protests, the statue was returned, albeit a couple blocks away from the exchange.

Everyone knows that in order to succeed in trading you need to thoroughly rub his eggs, I'm sorry. But it is equally important to rub the horns. Which I did)

Wall Street and NYSE


Strange as it may seem, the New York Stock Exchange is not located on Wall Street either. Technically, it is located on Broad street, which branches off from Wall Street.

Unfortunately, mere mortals are not allowed to enter the exchange after the events of September 11, 2001. Safety comes first.

And earlier, they say, it was possible to go to the exchange, and, eating pies, observe the fluctuations in the prices of your favorite stocks.

On Wall Street itself, by the way, there is nothing interesting: restaurants, a finance museum, shops, a couple of business centers. All.

Wall street

To get to the Statue of Liberty, you need to go a long way: it is located on a separate island. Fun fact: women were forbidden to come to the opening of the Statue. That was Freedom.

The main Apple store on Fifth Avenue. It is here that every autumn the most devoted fanatics make a pilgrimage with tents in order to be the first to buy the desired mobile phone.

Nice at night too)


The second most famous city after the state of Miami, Florida. The main attractions are amusement parks. Why did we go here)

And so, this is one of the "automobile" cities, of which there are many in the USA. Everything is very far away, public transport is not developed, it is impossible to live without a car.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known to everyone as a city of sin, full of casinos and entertainment. Yes this is true.

Because I have been to Macau more than once before (“Chinese Las Vegas”, near Hong Kong), I had a strong sense of deja vu. Unless there are not so many Chinese.

But, in my opinion, the main thing in Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon. Majestic beauty, truly.

Also, a trip to the Buggy along the Valley of Fire left a lasting impression.

Los Angeles

Another “automobile” city. Everything is sooooo far. A large number of rich people from around the world, stars, movie actors, etc. live here. TV shows are made at the studios, but there are few films being shot in Hollywood. Expensive.

Rodeo drive

Beverly hills

Venice Beach

For tourists - the Walk of Fame with the stars, Universal Parks and Disney. Well, if you are dissatisfied with your appearance - here you can find the best plastic surgeons in the world, to whom celebrities go.

Instead of a conclusion

In the USA, I really liked the extremely interesting and diverse country. A separate world, I would say. The spirit of freedom is felt, although no one has canceled the total surveillance of citizens. Now I understand why many people go there to earn money and remain illegally living))

Watch the video: How America Came Apart: Global Trade, Wars, Prisons, Wall Street, Power Politics. Van Jones (February 2020).

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