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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Do you have a chance to become a successful trader?

Hello, comrades forex traders.

Just as not everyone is given the opportunity to be actors and dancers, not everyone has a chance to succeed in Forex. Today I suggest you take a short test, which will show if you have the makings of a future successful financier in the foreign exchange market.

Success in forex trading depends on many factors. Are you sure you are ready to become a profitable trader? 1. Why did you decide to trade Forex? Because I like it, I became interested to prove that I can, to make money 2. Are you ready to work for free and not get paid often? Yes No, I need a stable salary 3. How much time do you plan to spend per day on trading? I always follow the market for up to 30 minutes all day and even more for an hour or two4. Do you need millions of dollars? If they are good, if not, it’s also good. I would have N $ per month and okay ... Yes! A private jet, yacht and island are also needed5. How often do you read / study information about trading (books, articles, lessons)? I test every new TS and select something from it for my strategy; I constantly search for something new; I study, but do not rush for “trendy” systems; I am committed to my approach . Do you plan your budget or live from paycheck to paycheck? I live as I have to Plan 7. Have you stepped on a foot in a public place, your actions? Naoura on the offender / I’ll fill the face of the presumptuous bull How much do you think you need to learn at least in trading? If you have a couple of weeks trading (a) and it doesn’t work out - into the furnace 3-5 years A year of strength 9. You see a sale notice in a clothing store. What’s your actions? I’ll buy something, because it’s cheap! I’ll go in and buy at a discount only what I needed so. I will pass by, I consider the sale a fraud of suckers10. What do you choose: freedom or security? Security Freedom 11. How will you make a difficult decision? I will consult with several friends I have my own clear opinion and it is unlikely that something will affect him. I will collect the maximum information and draw conclusions, even if I do not like them12. Is it easy to get you crazy? I don’t remember when the last time I boiled (a) What did you say, freak? Yes, it happens, I react emotionally13. Payment at your current job depends on ...? Seasonality Always the same Percentage on sales / transactions, etc. 14. You will be offered to get $ 50 today guaranteed or wait until tomorrow and maybe get $ 100. What do you choose? $ 50 now $ 100 tomorrow15. Do you keep notes in your daily life: to-do lists, expenses, purchases, etc. ? no, rely on memory Yes 16. What do you follow more often? LogicMathematical and probabilistic CalculationsB Command of the heart Plug-in sponsor: Tests for girls

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