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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Laguerre scalper - Advisor on the Laguerre indicator

Hello dear forex traders. We are often asked how the theoretical calculations and indicators posted on the site are applicable to real trading. There are also questions, how relevant are informational materials for a volatile forex market, how much can indicator systems be “converted” into profitable robots? Well of course you can! With the right approach, you can make a profitable adviser from the materials of the site. This is confirmed, among other things, by the adviser Laguerre scalper, which uses the Lagerra indicator, considered in an article by our colleague SilentSpec, which then realized the potential of this indicator in the adviser. In this review, we will test and analyze this profitable, but free advisor.

Advisor Characteristics

Platform: Metatrader 4
Advisor Version: 1.05
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Timeframe: M15
Work time: round the clock
Recommended brokers: Alpari (ECN accounts), Roboforex

Installation help

We install the adviser as usual. If this is your first time encountering Forex robots and you have a bunch of questions, download and watch the Forex course on Autopilot.

Attention! In this adviser, the settings significantly affect the trading results; use the recommended set-file (see the archive at the end of this article).

Advisor Strategy

The EA refers to trending robots that trade with increased volatility. The trend is determined using the Laguerre indicator, then the input is filtered by the LaguerreMA and Williams Percent Range (WPR) indicators. At the placed order, stop loss and take profit are set, which are trailed with a certain step, and can be closed by the signal of the Laguerre indicator. The adviser can skip entries on the FFcal news indicator, but it can also be “not afraid” of them. The EA applies topping when moving an open order to stop loss. If an open order goes into drawdown, then a second, additional order is placed, but reduced lot, and with the same stop loss and take profit as the first. This little trick can increase profitability.

Martingale in this advisor not applicable.

Advisor Backtests

Test is done first fixed lot. This allows you to evaluate test results without taking into account money management.

The test result looks good.

Second test the test is made dynamic lot. This allows you to evaluate the test results taking into account money management.

Consider the results for each month:

Output: The adviser in the long run shows profit growth with small drawdowns. However, one must be prepared for the fact that for some time the adviser may not give profit or even be in the cons. Advisor is suitable for use in the portfolio of conservative advisers.

Links to backtests used in the article (for self-analysis):

Laguerre scalper 2010 2015 lot 0.1

Laguerre scalper 2010 2015 lot MM

Real Account Monitoring

Description of settings

Signal Settings

  • CandlesToWait - waiting time for suitable conditions after the appearance of the signal in bars
  • Minvol - minimum volatility to enter a position
  • MinExitTP - minimum% of take-out for exit
  • Exitinloss - yield at a loss
  • MinExitSL - minimum% of stop to exit
  • Numofffry - the number of login attempts when exceeding Slippage
  • LagPeriod - Period Laguerre
  • LagPeriod - Period Laguerre
  • WPRPeriod - WPR period
  • LagMAPeriod - Period LaguerreMA
  • LagEnterLevel - Entry Level for Laguerre
  • LagExitLevel - Output Level for Laguerre
  • WPRMinEnterLevel - Minimum entry level for WPR
  • WPRMaxEnterLevel - Maximum entry level for WPR
  • WPRExitLevel - Output Level for WPR
  • MinLagMA - Minimum indentation from LaguerreMA
  • MaxLagMA - Maximum indent from LaguerreMA
  • PriceFilter - Price filter for entry

Stoploss Settings

  • SLVariant - an option to calculate the initial stop, it happens:

- fixed stop
- Stop on the shadows of HistorySL candles
- Stop on ATR
- Stop by SAR

  • SL - The value of a fixed stop
  • Otstupsl - Indent from the candle
  • HistorySL- Search for candles in history
  • ATRSLCoef - ATR coefficient
  • Sarstepsl - SAR step
  • Sarmaxsl - Maximum SAR
  • Minsl - Minimum stop in points
  • Maxsl - Maximum stop in points

Takeprofit Settings

  • TPVariant - The option of calculating the take is:

- Fixed take
- Take ATR
- TP - Fixed take value

  • ATRTPCoef - ATR coefficient
  • Mintp - Minimum take as a percentage of the gap
  • Maxtp - Maximum take as a percentage of the gap

MM settings

  • Lotvariant - lot calculation option, it happens:

- fixed lot
- fixed percentage
- fixed proportion
- Lot calculation depending on volatility

  • Fixlot - fixed lot
  • Risk - Risk as a percentage of the deposit
  • MoneyForMinLot - Deposit money on the minimum lot
  • Volrisk - Risk factor for volatility
  • VolHistBars - History in bars for calculating volatility risk
  • UseDynamicDecrease - Use dynamic lot reduction during drawdown
  • DynamicDecreaseFactor - The coefficient of dynamic reduction of the lot

Dual inputs

  • Allow_Second_Open_Trade - Entrance with a top-up order during drawdown
  • Distance - distance from entrance to refill in% of stop
  • Lot_Factor -% of the initial lot

Partial exit

  • AllowPartialExit - Partial exit when reaching ExitDistance percent take
  • Exitdistance -% of take, after which partially exit
  • ClosePercent -% of the lot to be closed

Trawl general settings

  • Trailingfrombe - Trail from the level of general breakeven (if false, it trades from the open order closest to the price - when adding to the trend)

Standard trawl

  • Tralonpips - Standard trailing
  • Trailingtop - Trailing level (distance from the current price)

Trailed by the shadows of candles

  • UseTrailingByShadows - Trailed by the shadows of candles
  • Barsusse - how many bars to use
  • BarsOtstup - indent from the shadow

ATR Trawl

  • UseTrailingByATR - ATR trawl
  • AtrPeriod - ATR period
  • Atrshift - ATR shift
  • AtrCoeff - ATR coefficient

BU (breakeven)

  • Usebe - use control unit
  • Belevel - the profit level in points at which to transfer to BU
  • BEPlusPips - how many points to add to zero

BU as a percentage of the gap

  • UsePercBE - use control unit
  • Becerc -% of the take, in which in BU

News filter

  • AvoidHighImpactNews - avoid important news
  • AvoidMediumImpactNews - avoid average news
  • AvoidLowImpactNews - avoid bad news
  • MinsBeforeNews - finish trading before the news in minutes
  • MinsAfterNews - start trading after news in minutes

Gep Protection

  • UseGapProtection - use gap protection
  • LastFridayTradeHour - last hour of Friday to open deals
  • UseForceClose - use forced closure on Friday night
  • ForceCloseHour - what time to close

Service settings

  • CandlesToDelete - The number of candles of the existence of deposits
  • Barperiod - Tick emulation period
  • Workperiod - The period of the adviser

Other settings

  • Expertname - comment on the order
  • Slippage - slippage
  • Magic - magic, if zero - it is generated by itself
  • Maxspread - maximum spread for entry
  • Numofffry - the number of attempts to enter / modify / exit
  • Sleeptime - Time between attempts in seconds
  • Sleepmaximum - Maximum time in seconds
  • ECNAccount - ECH account
  • Usepanel - info panel
  • TopField, DataField, ExpNameCol - panel colors
  • Usecomments - comments in the journal
  • UseSnapShot - screenshot
  • UseSendMail - send mail
  • UseSendPush - send push
  • Uselog - keep a separate log

Time filter

  • MondayTrade, TuesdayTrade, WednesdayTrade, ThursdayTrade, FridayTrade - whether to trade on Monday - Friday
  • MondayTimeFilter_1, MondayTimeFilter_2, MondayTimeFilter_3, MondayTimeFilter_4 - enable trading in the period 1,2,3,4 on Monday
  • MondayStartHour_1,2,3,4, MondayStartMinute_1,2,3,4 - hours and minutes of the start of trading for the period 1,2,3,4
  • MondayStopHour_1,2,3,4, MondayStopMinute_1,2,3,4 - hours and minutes of the end of trade for the period 1,2,3,4
    For the rest of the days the same thing.

Attention! Do not change anything in the parameters of the adviser and use only the recommended values, if you do not exactly understand what you are doing!

Recommended Money Management

A transaction risk of 3 percent of the deposit is recommended. The lot can be calculated using a special table, or simply set the risk level in the parameters of the adviser, and everything will be calculated automatically.


Advisor Laguerre scalperis a conservative trend scalper that is profitable over a long period. This advisor can be used in a portfolio of conservative advisers. Also note that the adviser does not trade often.

Important !

For the EA to work correctly, the trading terminal must be switched on from the market opening on Sunday evening until it closes on Friday evening. If you are unable to keep the computer operational 24/5, it is recommended to use the VPS server service.

Download Advisor "Laguerre scalper»

Watch the video: Laguerre based trading system - try it !!! (February 2020).

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