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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The whole truth about trading advisors

Hello, friends! Around the Forex trading advisors there are many myths and legends. Most of them are spawned by greedy software vendors. Instant income lying on the couch, carefree life in the tropics on income from a magical robot .... They are lying.

But is it really possible to make money on Forex using expert advisors? What do brokers not tell you? What expert strategies do professionals use? It is time to open the cards. The long-awaited webinar, which will reveal all the secrets that are not customary to talk about.

What will happen at the webinar?

At the webinar “Forex Advisor Trading” you will learn:

  • Why sell a profitable adviser?
  • Are all paid experts scam?
  • Which robots are worth using?
  • How to hack martingale code?
  • How to understand that the robot has stopped working?
  • Why do profitable vehicles in the form of an adviser merge?
  • Should I trust the strategy tester?
  • And many many others… .

And most importantly - you will get a STRATEGY, which I call the "Path of the Robot Guide." A single concept that allows you to profit in the market using automated systems. Information businessmen will not tell you about this in courses of 9999 rubles.

Watch the webinar on record

Links made during the workshop:

Watch the video: FULL TIME FOREX TRADER - Tells The TRUTH (February 2020).

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