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How to trade forex in a crisis?

Winter Is Coming. In the literal and figurative sense. The crisis, which I warned about a year ago, is in full swing. The iron grip of sanctions is shrinking ever stronger - lobsters and foie gras have disappeared from restaurants. The ruble is falling, the eurodollar is going crazy, life is getting more expensive, and the flow of slander against the Russian people does not stop from across the ocean.
What to do in this situation for us, simple forex traders? How to store money? Should I be afraid of the market? What strategies to apply? About this - at the webinar "How to trade forex in crisis«.

What will happen at the webinar?

At the webinar "How to trade forex during a crisis" we will discuss with you:

  • Is a crisis a disaster or an opportunity?
  • What strategies work best in the current market?
  • What to do with loans?
  • How to store money?
  • How to get the maximum profit from the crisis
  • And much more…

Webinar Recording

Watch the video: Trading Forex During an Economic Worldwide Crisis (February 2020).

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