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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Intraday Surfing Strategy - Easy, Clear Profits

What do we expect from a strategy for intraday trading? Early, but at the same time reliable entries, maximum profit per trade and clear rules that are clear even to a novice. As well as versatility, so that you can trade on any platform, even from a smartphone. Many more are waiting for 100,500 transactions per day, but this problem is solved by increasing the number of traded currency pairs.

And meets all these criteria trading system Surfing, which has gained considerable popularity on our forex forum. Today we will devote a separate video lesson to her.

Characteristics of the Forex Surfing Strategy

Platform: Any
Currency pairs: Any
Timeframe: from M15 and above
Trading time: around the clock, for intraday trading - the London session and the beginning of the American
Recommended DC: Alpari, Roboforex

Reference Section

Login Rules

Entrances to purchases:

1) Close point of the candle above the green moving average of 20 EMA.
2) RSI crossed level 55 from bottom to top
3) RSI main line above 10sma

Sales Entries:

1) Close point of the candle below the red moving average of 20 EMA.
2) RSI crossed level 45 from top to bottom
3) RSI main line below 10sma

We always enter pending orders, slightly higher (for purchases) / slightly lower (for sales) of High / Low points of the signal candle.

Stop Loss and Take Profit

We set the stop loss just below the red 20 ema - for purchases. For sales - just above the green 20 ema.

To exit the transaction, you can use the reverse intersection of the RSI and the average, or the return signal. However, the most optimal option is the manual movement of stop loss after the dotted averages. For green - for shopping, for red - for sales.


  • TS Surfing can also be used on Renko charts - see the video at the beginning of the article
  • When analyzing the chart, you should pay attention to the divergence of the RSI and prices.
  • To support the position, you can use the auxiliary adviser of Trade Manager (available in the archive with the system)
  • For experienced traders, top-ups are possible when rolling back to dashed lines
  • It is also recommended that the stop loss be moved to breakeven when a profit of 3/4 stop loss is reached.
  • The best time to enter is the London session. Entries in the US session are less effective.

Watch the video: -::-Dynamic Sync-::- Profitable TrendFollowing Forex Trading System HitRate 80%+, RR 2:1 MT4 (February 2020).

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