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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The contest "Become a Currency Analyst - 2" - a prize fund of more than $ 1000!

Hello! Have you ever thought that you can predict market behavior no worse than these wise men with glasses from RBC? What's so complicated - said the likely direction with a smart look and received a salary 🙂

Now you have the opportunity to try yourself in the role of an analyst and get real money for it! No need to work! To take part in the competition “Become a Currency Analyst - 2”, you just need to send a letter with your forecast and get a cash prize for it, if the analysis is correct.

What are you waiting for?

What is the essence of the competition?

Conditions of the competition "Become a Currency Analyst - 2"very simple: you need to predict the value of the EURUSD currency pair, which will be inFriday February 28 at 21:00 by Moscow time.

Will the price of a pair fall? Will rise? Or stay in place? You can use all the technical analysis tools for forecasting. Price Action, indicators, anything. This is your business.

All you need is to send the price at which, in your opinion, the EURUSD pair will be traded February 28 at 21:00 in Moscow.

You must also put a link to this contest in any of the social networks (VKontakte, facebook, twitter, classmates, my world, google +). You can do this by indicating a link on your wall, in a public post, by sending a tweet or public message (accessible to everyone).

Where to send letters and what to indicate in the letter?

Letters a helmet on a letter box are no longer accepted

Attention! AT the topic Letters indicate ONLY a quote. for example 1.3583 . Letters in which the subject will not be indicated, or indicated something other than the price, will be ignored.

Indicate in the letter:

1. Your forecast in the form of quotes

2. Your full name (More than one letter from one person is not accepted)

3. Your WMZ wallet (winnings will be paid ONLY on webmoney)

4. Indicate a link to that page on the social network where you reposted this contest.

Letters with answers are accepted until February 25 inclusive. Those. A letter sent at 00:01 on February 26th will not be accepted.

Letters that do not meet the above conditions are not allowed to participate in the competition.

And what are the prizes?

The winner, whose quote will be the closest to the real one, will receive a $ 200 wallet on his webmoney. Another 9 people who sent the most accurate quotes will receive $ 100 for webmoney.

Summing up the results of the competition and the distribution of prizes will be held from March 1 to March 3.

Competition Results

So. The quote that determined the winners is 1.3805 .

Already 5 people sent the correct option. I had to choose a winner by the time of writing, because the sooner the harder it was to guess. Here are the five most accurate participants, the winner below.

Also, the number of winners included those who sent a price in the range from 1.3803 to 1.3807

In total, 746 letters were sent to the contest. In order not to miss new contests in the future, I advise you to subscribe to the site updates through the form below 😉

Watch the video: SNEAK PEEK! The Games of THE CONTEST! (February 2020).

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