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Trading under the sun

Hello to all visitors of tradelikeapro.ru! About 6 years ago I read some book about forex, the book was absolutely useless, but there was an inspirational beginning: “Trading in Forex, you can be anywhere in the world, travel a lot and enjoy life, because all you need for work is it's a computer and internet access. ” And now, closer to the fall, I decided to move to warmer climes, where the sea, bananas, coconuts and palm trees instead of Russian birches.

I moved to Thailand, to the city of the eternal holiday of Pattaya. Yes, I know what is corny, I know what is beaten, but I like it here 🙂
What is Pattaya? - This is a resort town, like our Gelendzhik or Anapa, only more civilized and with warm weather all year round.

Below I will try to briefly talk about life in Thailand, differences from Russia, prices, do I need a visa, etc. I’m more used to writing texts of a technical nature, and I’m not a big fan of photographs (all the photos were taken on the phone), so if something is wrong, do not blame me.


The climate in Thailand is tropical, that is, it is hot and humid. Temperature all year round an average of 30 degrees, reaches 35 in the spring. The heat is much easier than in Russia, at first it’s stuffy, then you get used to it. Naturally, an apartment cannot do without an air conditioner. From the pluses - no need to buy winter and autumn clothes and shoes.


From Russia I was forced to move first of all by the excessive contamination of products with chemical rubbish. My main enemy is monosodium glutamate, hundreds of E-supplements, sausage with the addition of “meat flavoring” (I’m not joking), fish and meat are another story altogether, I won’t scare them, otherwise you won’t be able to sleep. In general, it came to the point that I had to literally hunt for food in various stores, looking for more or less non-hazardous products. I have a 12PC ulcer and I immediately feel all this muck in food.

Have you seen what kind of people we have? Yes, partly from beer. But look at non-drinking women and children - horror .... And after all, they do not eat so much. I believe that the stuffing of products with the activities of chemical enterprises, which clogs blood vessels, upsets the metabolism, is to blame, but then you yourself know ...

In Thailand, of course, you can also get imported products, "improved" with all kinds of additives, but there are a lot of alternatives in the form of fresh fish, fruits, meat and vegetables. By the way, it is not customary to eat at home here, so in apartments most often do not even have a kitchen. I have, but I only use the microwave and kettle. And so I eat at cafes, restaurants. Prices are not even Moscow, you can eat baht well (1 baht is approximately equal to 1 ruble) for 300-400. There are also many eateries "for the thrifty", where the dishes are 30-60 baht, but I do not go to such places. Thai cuisine is spicy, I don’t like the taste, so I eat in European, Chinese and Japanese cafes. I always buy home fruits, of which there are dozens of varieties, and freshly squeezed juices (just 20-30 baht per 0.3l bottle). Global fast food in the face of McDonald's, KFC, burger king, pizza hut, etc. also there.

If nostalgia for Russia breaks through, then you can look into one of a dozen Russian restaurants, screw dumplings with vodka, put in a stingy male tear and forget about your homeland again)) For the sake of fun, I used to take a secret to a Russian restaurant and feed it with borsch. It was funny, to see the face of a person trying our traditional food for the first time 🙂 She said she liked it, but I did not believe it. It really hurts a specific taste for Thais.


In Pattaya itself, of course, there is a sea. But the water is unclear: someone says that they are draining the sewer, someone believes that it is because of the algae, I don’t know. There is no dirt in the water, at least cigarette butts, syringes and pieces of paper floating on the surface, as you will not see at the black-sea resorts. Many tourists bathe, quite satisfied.

But in general, it is customary to go swimming and sunbathing on the neighboring small island of Ko Larn. You can get to it in 45 minutes by ferry (it costs only 30 baht one way, just like the metro in Moscow 🙂), or you can hire a boat for 150 baht. There are several beaches on this island, the water is crystal clear, you can sunbathe and swim. The bottom is sandy, although pebbles sometimes come across. The water is warm, there are no sharks, jellyfish and other disturbing creatures, only some small fish sometimes swim near the shore.

Cultural differences

Thais are by nature very calm and non-aggressive people. They have no desire to cut your throat, like the Egyptians. At least aggression, as from the Arabs (who was in Egypt, he will understand) is not felt. In general, Thais live to live, the pursuit of material values ​​like expensive clothes, cars, apartments and other rubbish is not here. Let me quote a post from one forum (I won’t say better):

Sanuk and Sabai are the two cornerstones of Thailand, the fundamental concept of worldview that makes Thais Thai, and the atmosphere in Thailand is exactly the one we strive for here.
Sanuk is pleasure and fun for the soul, sabai is bodily comfort, convenience. Sanuk-sabay - this is when everything is super, high physical and spiritual at the same time.
In Thai life everything should be a Sanuk. If the work is not a sanuk - try to turn it into a sanuk or nafig such work. It is known that you cannot hold a Thai in place only with money. If he’s disgusted with what he’s doing, then you won’t be forced to do it for any kind of haircuts.
Sanuk and Sabai are unrelated concepts. There is a sanuk without a sabay and vice versa. For example, if you sit in a movie and enjoy the session, then this is a sanuk, but if you feel hungry at the same time, then May Sabai (not Sabai).

Religion - Buddhism, quite a few temples. On the streets you can meet the monks. But, because Buddha was not God, but “enlightened” man, as he himself said, Thais do not pray to Buddha, but to the spirits of the buildings where they live and / or work. For spirits, special houses are placed near each building and every day they make offerings in the form of food, drinks, and also burn (in large quantities) scented candles.

Thais are also characterized by slowness and relaxation. Where to rush, because life is already so good ... Thai service is the slowest service in the world: I recently bought a computer chair at Index (local IKEA) and asked if they had delivery. To my question, when will the chair be delivered to me, today or tomorrow, the consultant named the date in 2 weeks))

When you live here for a long time, Thai slowness is passed on to you. Laziness is everywhere and one cannot escape from it. The work is of course done, but not fast. And what is most surprising: as a result, in terms of speed it turns out to do everything the same as being in Russia. That’s where the mystery is: you don’t seem to be in a hurry anywhere ... Either the time flows more slowly here, because no fuss, or something else ...

The atmosphere here is not just calm, but kind, kind, kind. There is a feeling of a certain security or something ... It's hard to put into words and until you leave you will not feel, but in Russia the atmosphere is very aggressive, as if you are at war. Every day there is an expectation that something bad will happen: either on the part of the government, or on the part of the people around you, or something will stop working ... I can’t explain, but you constantly wait for some kind of “trick”, all the time on your guard. There is no such thing. No strong sadness, no depression, all is well.

The main languages ​​are Thai and Lao (they differ as well as Russian and Ukrainian), visitors communicate with local in English. Russian tourists, as in other countries, persistently speak only Russian and are very surprised when they are not understood. The Russians are very amusing, for some reason they believe that if they speak slowly and clearly Russian (!) Words, they are obliged to understand them.
Only tour guides in tourist campaigns speak Russian - this is not Egypt for you, where Arabs know Russian better than English. In general, it will be difficult here without knowledge of English at least at the high school level. Locals know him poorly and speak with an eerie accent, which makes them very difficult to understand.
The Thai language is not so complicated (I have only learned a few words so far), the main catch is that there are shades of sound. There are five intonations and, the same word can have 5 meanings, depending on the tonality of pronunciation. Thai language is easily given to people with developed musical ear.

Yes, one more thing. In Thailand, no one will "hang out" (except for Russian tourists), no one will ever look at you arrogantly. The tolerance is very high, so there are so many gays and transvestites. What happens if in Russia a man puts on a woman’s dress, puts on makeup and goes out in the evening in a residential area? How many meters will he have time to walk? And on Airborne Forces Day?
Here everyone refers to others very calmly. And because there are no show-offs, no one seeks at all costs to buy an expensive car or to fasten clothes from TSUM. Here you just start to appreciate life.

Night life

In Pattaya, a large number of clubs, discos, bars, etc. You won’t surprise anyone with this; you can snooze and dance (on the table) anywhere in the world.

Pattaya is famous more for sex tourism. Bars with prostitutes, prostitutes without bars, gay clubs, Go-Go (strip clubs), massage parlors with intimacy, transvestites, swinger hotels, everything is here. The main cluster of such establishments is Walking Street, but there are many other places, more interesting and without crowds of tourists.

Our site seems to be decent, so I can’t tell you more. I can only say that if you are a man who is not burdened by family and has no problems with money, then Pattaya will seem like a paradise to you 🙂

Money money money…

There is no freebie anywhere and you have to pay for everything in life. Therefore, you can not ignore the practical question - how much does it cost to live in Thailand. It is believed that everything is cheap in Thailand. I would not say that it’s direct very cheap, just everything in Russia is expensive)

The monetary unit of Thailand is Baht. 1 baht is approximately equal to 1 ruble, so it’s very convenient for a Russian person to calculate the cost of goods. If you go here to rest, it’s better to take dollars or a bank card with you: you can change rubles, but only in a couple of places and at an unprofitable rate.

Food in stores costs about the same as in Raska, renting a home, as in the Russian regions, can be slightly cheaper. Here in cafes / restaurants, prices are indeed many times lower than in Russia. I already wrote about this above.

With regard to housing - you can rent a dirty little room without air conditioning somewhere on the outskirts for 2000 baht, or you can rent a large villa for thousands of 80 per month. How would the prices depend on the place, type and size of housing. Personally, I rent a two-room apartment (by Russian standards, the layout is specific), a fully furnished apartment in the city center, a short distance from the carriageway, for 20 thousand baht per month. In Moscow it would be the Garden Ring, and such an apartment would cost about 60 thousand, or a little more, every month. So we can say that housing rental is relatively cheap.

My apartment is in a condominium - this is a type of housing, in the form of an apartment building with a small infrastructure: as a rule it is a restaurant, shared WI-FI (included in the rental price), pool (s), laundry, parking, cleaning services and a gym. I have such a set, maybe other condos have some additional services, I don’t know.

One of the advantages of warm weather is that you do not need to buy warm clothes. Therefore, in the autumn-winter sets, a good saving is obtained, because they are not needed. Winter clothes are sold in stores, but only for tourists. As for the prices. The clothes of local production a la "Cherkizon style" are as at one time in bulk at Cherkizovsky. Those. very cheap: you can buy jeans for 300 baht, a T-shirt for 100 and flip flops for 300.
In shopping centers, a lot of shops with "budget" brands: ZARA, La Coste, plus local (or simply absent in the rash) brands. Interest prices are 10-20 cheaper than in Russia. So, dressing “modestly and tastefully” is also possible.
More expensive brands like my beloved Louis Vuitton, Armani, Tod's, Bottega Veneta, etc. only in Bangkok, 2 hours drive from Pattaya. Moreover, the prices of some expensive brands differ from TSUMovsky VERY strongly. Sometimes 40-50 percent.

For those who like to snuggle up to pig squeals: the prices for drinks in bars are very affordable, 3-4 times cheaper than in Russia.

Electronics here are generally cheaper. But not all. For example, photo equipment costs about the same as in Russia, but TVs are cheaper by 30 percent. Refrigerators and household appliances, like vacuum cleaners, are also significantly less expensive. Mobile phones, tablets, etc. here at European prices, without hullwraps as in Russia. There are cheats, but only if a specific type of technology is not yet officially in Thailand, i.e. this is a gray import.

Another plus is that from Thailand you can fly very cheaply to many countries located in the neighborhood: Philippines, China, Malaysia. In general, see the map - a plane ticket to the surrounding Thai countries will cost $ 100-150. I’m going to fly a lot from here, but so far there’s no time.

So how much does it cost to live in Thailand? The question is complex, since everyone has their own requests and level of expenses. I will say this - how much you spend per month in Russia, you will spend about the same here. Personally, it takes me about a hundred thousand baht, but I spend quite a lot on entertainment. One friend writes that he lives on $ 300 a month. But I would advise focusing on at least 30 thousand baht per month per person.


Tourists do not need a visa: upon arrival they will put a stamp in your passport, which gives the right to stay in the country up to 30 days. But if you want to live here permanently, then hemorrhoids begin ... It is described in detail here. I still use visa wounds, but next month I want to make a student visa so as not to waste time traveling.

Is it time to blame?

What did I want to say with this post? In order to move to where you will be comfortable, you do not need millions of dollars. And very often, everything is much simpler than it seems. You do not need to be tied to the place of work, money is quite well earned even through the Internet, for example, through forex trading. You just need to stop thinking narrowly and throw cockroaches out of your head. There are opportunities, Putin doesn’t keep you in the country by force, understand at last YOU ARE FREE and have always been free.

I hope I didn’t bore you, I’ll write some more about some country (I have many travel plans). In order not to miss the next offtopic, be sure to subscribe to blog updates via Vkontakte or by e-mail.

Watch the video: Michael Flory - Trading in My Sun. (February 2020).

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