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Video course "Forex on Autopilot"

Hello, dear visitors of the site tradelikeapro.ru! A real alternative to manual trading is automatic trading using Forex advisors. Making money using robots is becoming more popular day by day. But in order to successfully make a profit trading Forex advisors, you need to install them correctly, configure them and not spoil the result with unreasonable actions. Your guide to the world of automated trading will be the video course "Forex on Autopilot«.

For a long time I was going to record this video course, because too many stupid mistakes are made by novice traders when using forex advisors. Many people think that the adviser is some kind of magic machine, always trading in plus, not knowing the mistakes. It is also very often believed that “if it worked, then no one would sell a miracle robot.”

Generally people have porridge in their headshaving a very weak relation to reality. Partly it is the fault of marketers and scammers, like Gilka, partly the usual laziness, inability to count and unwillingness to think objectively.

Can advisers make a profit?

Just don’t think that here you open an account for a hundred dollars, put a robot and will shoot a couple of hundred every day. This will not happen. I don’t know what Mavrodi was telling you, but the robot is not a printing press. You can earn income by correctly calculating and realizing risks. Many have big problems understanding the risks ...

So, the main goal of the Forex on Autopilot training course is to eliminate ignorance regarding trading advisors, and, of course, a starting set of instructions that will help you enter the world of Automatic Trading.

The contents of the course "Forex on autopilot"

  • What are forex advisors
  • Myths Regarding Robot Trading
  • How to install and configure the adviser
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Newbies
  • How to test advisors on historical data
  • How to improve results by optimizing settings
  • Track account statistics via MyfxBook
  • Install and configure the VPS server

This is what the main menu of the Forex on Autopilot course looks like:

Over time, like my other training courses, “Forex on Autopilot»Will be expanded and updated. In order not to miss new lessons, be sure to subscribe to the site updates via RSS or VKontakte page.

Download the Forex on Autopilot video course

Watch the video: Creating a Video Course in 5 Minutes (February 2020).

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