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How much can you earn on forex?

How much can you earn on forex?? In books and in all sorts of courses they like to talk about George Soros and his billions, but how much can a simple person earn on forex? Often in the comments they ask me: “How much do you earn on Forex?” Well, it’s time to face the brutal reality ...

I will say right away that it’s morally difficult for me to trade in large amounts (nerves are not iron) and therefore I do not save money in the account, but simply withdraw money earned every month. Sometimes even several times. Theoretically, of course, you can use the capitalization of funds and the advantage of compound interest without taking profits and trading more and more money. But I can’t do that. I am an ordinary person with my weaknesses.

Below you can see screenshots of operations for the last 1.5 years from my personal (non-trading account) from my personal account in Alpari. I have more than a dozen trading accounts (a couple of basic, several experimental and accounts for advisers) and I withdraw money from them to one personal account. It's more comfortable for me. In addition to the conclusions in the history of the personal account, the operations of transfers between accounts are also displayed, I began to cut them out in paint, and then I got tired and simply circled the operations of the conclusions in red so that they stood out against the general background. All screenshots are increased by click.

For those who are too lazy to consider, I deduce with alpari from 5 to 25 thousand dollars a month. I still have accounts in Roboforex and F4you, but there are quite penny amounts not worth mentioning. Some months were missed on the screenshots, there was no profit in them. This is normal; there is no trader earning EVERY month without exception.

I apologize to everyone who expected to see hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don’t have them yet 🙁. And probably, if I earned millions, then this site would simply not exist. Although, who knows ...

Still sometimes, some wise men ask for a username and password from my account so that they can check how well I trade. Why the hell am I supposed to show my account to someone? Just imagine: you have some small business, say a small candle factory. And one fine day, an eccentric with a blissfully moronic expression appears on your face and asks you to show a profit report for the last quarter. And this weirdo is not from the tax, but a simple onlooker. What answer will this person hear? If we discard the bounds of decency, then of course it will be a phrase known to every Russian person from early childhood - “Go to ... th”. So I have a similar thought in my head when asking to show the states from the trading account. Well, if I were selling some kind of system or adviser, then yes, you need to show the goods face-on and without monitoring the real account anywhere. And just to prove something to someone? I do not see the point.

So why did I write this post? What's the point?

This is something like an incentive for novice traders, well, to show that the author of the site, too, does not like it))

To summarize: Forex trading is possible and quite real. But do not immediately swipe at huge amounts ...

P.S. I answer a common question in the comments - I trade in Price Action, on daily charts.

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