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Editor'S Choice - 2020

MiniCharts indicator - nothing will go unnoticed

It's no secret that trading, for example, on an hourly chart, it is very useful to pay attention to the situation on higher timeframes. Also, by observing the behavior of prices at periods of a lower order, you can catch earlier signals to enter a trade and highlight the beginning of a correction. In order not to waste time switching between multiple time frames, was created Forex indicator MiniCharts. It allows you to display miniature graphs of the situation on other time frames in the window of the main working period, you can even enable the display of mini-graphs of other currency pairs. Full control over the situation on the market.

Installation of the indicator is standard, beginners can use this instruction here. Please note that for the indicator to display correctly Minicharts You need to install the font file (available in the archive).

Use cases and indicator settings are shown in the video.

Download Minicharts indicator

Watch the video: Indicator Kagi for Metatrader (February 2020).

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