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Editor'S Choice - 2020

FxForYourWork Strategy

As I mentioned in the article on choosing a strategy, not everyone has time to trade intraday. It was for them that it was created Forex Strategy FxForYourWorkthat is, "Forex while you work." The authors position the system for trading on the daily and 4-hour charts, but lovers of intraday trading should also look videobecause upon closer examination, FxForYourWork is quite universal and can work on any timeframes.

Video Soundtrack: Brian Eno - Apollo

Type of strategy: Following the trend on pullbacks

Currency pair: Any

Timeframe: Any, but not less than M15

FxForYourWork Strategy Rules

We buy after the price returns to 200sma and the formation of the “Bullish Absorption” candlestick pattern (see the video for details). Stop-loss is set a little lower (5 points) Low signal candle. We set take profit at the level of the last local maximum until the price returns to 200sma.

Rules for sales are the opposite of purchases. To open positions, we use pending orders just above / below the High / Low signal candle (for purchases / sales, respectively).

Download FxForYourWork Strategy Files

Important! Nuances of installation in the new Metatrader 4 builds

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