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Editor'S Choice - 2020

EuroKey EA - Conservatively Stable Advisor

Greetings to all who have come to visit us today for the light 🙂. The topic of this post is a new adviser. EuroKey EA, capable of boasting good monitoring of real accounts, as well as quite satisfactory tests on history. They say that the basis for the owl was our old friend IrisFX, but personally I did not see any special similarities in trade. Well, okay, let's move on from words to deeds.

EuroKey EA Advisor Characteristics

Seller's website: eurokeyea.com

Platform: Metatrader 4

Advisor Version: 1.02

Currency pair: EURUSD

Timeframe: H1

Work time: round the clock

On the official website we are provided with several backtests, but with extremely dubious quality of modeling, so, as usual, I conducted my own advisor test Eurokey on a story with a simulation quality of 99%.

(permanent lot 0.1)

Ok, the number of points is not amazing, but because On monitoring (see below), in just a few months, the adviser earned half of the backtest result in 4 years, then I think we are dealing with a case where history tests are of little practical value. At the office. The site offers 2 monitoring: a demo and a real account. On these accounts, the results are already much more interesting.

Demo account

Live Account

Of course, the results on real life are somewhat weaker than on the demo, but the real was opened a little later than the demo and at a rather bad time - just before the beginning of the “bloody August”, which, incidentally, the adviser was pretty decent.

Description of EuroKey EA Advisor Settings

Lot - trading lot that will be used by the adviser to open positions

Spreadcontrol - an analogue of the MaxSpread parameter in other advisors. When activating this add-in, the adviser will not open orders if the spread is more than 3 points.

Opt_Key - the optimization key affects the internal trading algorithm of the adviser, it is not worth changing.

Download EuroKey EA Advisor

Important! Nuances of installation in the new Metatrader 4 builds

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P.S. And finally, as a dessert, a funny video that just blows the tower 😀. Watch to the end!

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